Pick-Up Orders

Orders can now be sent to our new dedicated email ordersmhm@gmail.com. We have also added new features to our website to help you formulate your orders and to make it as easy as possible for our staff to fulfill them. On our website, www.hintonburgmarket.com we have added an image gallery of our grocery shelves to help remind you what we carry, and under the “Our Products” tab we have a link to a Google Doc listing as much of our other products as possible. Please use these to make an order as precise and straightforward as possible.

We have orders available for pick up on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please submit orders by 4PM the previous day (Tuesday or Friday) to ensure the order is ready for pickup the next day. Due to the uncertainty of demand, we will be unable to individually contact each customer, instead we will be notifying all customers who place orders via email on what day they can expect to have their order ready. We ask for as much patience as possible in the whole process. Due to the logistics of preparing orders, there may be some items we will be unable to fulfill, please indicate on your orders if you want a replacement item in case an item is out of stock. We will not be able to call to confirm availability of products, due to the demand.

We will be accepting payment via a wireless terminal at the point of pickup, or by credit card number over the phone please indicate preferred method in your order e-mail. Thanks again for your continuing support. We appreciate all of you and sincerely love being able to continue to provide for this community.