Weekly Specials

June 15 – June 21

Chicken Thighs BNLS/SKLS $6.99/lb $15.41/kg
Chicken Thighs BNLS/SKLS Family Pack $6.49/lb 14.31/kg
Beef Brisket AAA $5.99/lb $13.21/kg
Pork Back Ribs $5.29/lb $11.66/kg
Pork Back Ribs Family Pack $4.79/lb $10.56/kg
Pork Back Ribs BBQ Seasoned $5.49/lb $12.10/kg
Pork Back Ribs BBQ Seasoned Family Pack $4.99/lb $11.00/kg

Smoked Meat $1.79/100g
German Salami $1.99/100g

Chateau de Bourgogne $4.99/100g
Manchego $6.99/100g
Saputo Bocconcini $4.99/ea

Onions 2lb Bag $0.99/ea
Golden Potatoes 5lb Bag $2.99/ea
Granny Smith Apples $1.29/lb
Navel Oranges $0.99/lb
Cauliflower $3.49/ea
Baby Carrots $1.29/ea
Zucchini $1.49/lb

Saugeen Yogurt $3.49
Sabra Hummus $3.49
Dutchman’s Golden Wild Flower Honey $6.49
Dutchman’s Golden Summer Blossom Honey $6.49
Dutchman’s Golden Summer Blossom Honey 1kg $11.99
Rise Kombucha Mint & Chlorophyll, Ginger, Blueberry Maple, Hibiscus & Rosehips $3.49
Neal Bros. Kettle Chips Salt & Vinegar, Pink Salt, Maple Bacon, Srirachup, Sweet & Smoky BBQ Mix & Match 2/$5
Lundberg Wild Rice Blend $5.99
Dainty Basmati Rice $4.99
Dainty Whole Grain Brown Rice $2.99
Simply Natural Pasta Sauces Tomatoes & Mushroom, Fra Diavolo, Red Wine $5.99
GoGo Quinoa Cookies Chocolate Chip, Orange Mango, Double Chocolate $6.49
Dorset Cereals Original, Nutty $7.99
Native Forest Coconut Milk $3.99
Robin Hood All Purpose Flour $6.99
Indian Life Coconut Cashew Sauce $5.99
Native Forest Jackfruit $3.99
Kikkoman Panko Bread Crumbs $2.99
Tutti Gourmet Bites Almond & Cocoa, Café $4.49

New Products!

Belltown Cold Brew Coffee
Inspired by successful cold brew operations in other large Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, we decided that the time was right to build on the Cold Brew revolution in Ottawa. At Belltown, we believe that coffee should be good. Our coffee is organic, brewed and roasted locally, with a sweet and rich flavour.

Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Mustard… Fine Food
Damn the torpedoes! We’re out of marmalade!
Mrs. McGarrigle’s came to life in 1988, born of the spirit and determination of its founder, Janet Campbell. Though humble in its beginnings – manufacturing condiments in the basement of one of Ottawa’s hostels after-hours – Mrs. McGarrigle’s has morphed into a stylish gourmet food, fine kitchenware and home décor retailer – a unique epicurean destination in the National Capital area and an undeniable lure for those who enjoy fine cooking, fine dining and fine living.

Haico’s Hot Sauces
Haico grew up in The Netherlands in a very multi-cultural environment. East Indian, Surinam, Indonesian and many others. This helped him to develop a taste for sophisticated spicy food at a young age. Once Haico moved to Canada he tried to find the same level of flavor and heat in the hot sauces and cooking in Canada, but to no avail. Disappointed, Haico decided to take over the world of hot sauce by growing his own peppers and making his own hot sauce.