Our Products

In House Burgers & Sausages
All of our 20 varieties of sausages are made here in-store with our freshest meat, hand mixed spices and all-natural casings. Our sausages, minus a few exceptions, are gluten free and contain no nitrates and no preservatives. There is a fresh selection daily but we also have all of our interesting flavours in our frozen section. Not only do we have pork sausages, we also make chicken, lamb, beef, bison and breakfast sausages. We also stock up to 10 types of gourmet burgers, all made in house from beef, lamb, or chicken.

Lavergne Pork

Raised locally, Lavergne’s fresh meats are antibiotic free. Try our popular single or double smoked bacon!

Enright Cattle Co.

We offer a selection of Enright Cattle Co. Beef as well as AA & AAA quality Western Canada Beef. Enright Cattle Co is a family operated business located in Tweed ON. Committed to sustainability, they raise their cattle on crops grown on their farm (grass & grains) without the use of hormones.

Beverly Creek Lamb

Beverly Creek is located in Millgrove ON. and supplies Marche Hintonburg with fresh lamb usually on a weekly basis. Availability can be limited so always order ahead!

Deli & Charcuterie

We offer a wide variety of local, standard and specialty deli meats and charcuteries.

Seed to Sausage

We offer a wonderful selection of locally and ethically cured meats and charcuteries from Seed to Sausage, located in Ottawa. Working with the most natural ingredients possible to produce simple yet delicious meats

Creel & Gambrel
Located in Kingston ON. Creel & Gambrel provides high quality charcuterie products from bresaola to summer salami.

Homemade Meals

We have a diverse selection of homemade, ready-to-go meals prepared by our in-house chefs. Our meals differ from week to week but there’s always a delicious selection available, made with our own products in store, assuring that they are made of the best quality and most natural foods. Some of our meals include Chicken Pesto Pasta, Greek Style Couscous salad, Butter Chicken, Grilled Pork Tenderloin, as well as in house soups, sauces, and Chili.

Specialty Cheeses

We have quite a large variety of specialty cheeses to choose from, some of which are local from Montebello, Quebec and some come to us from as far as England and France. A lot of our cheeses are award-winning specialties.

La Trappe à Fromage

Located in Gatineau, La Trappe makes delicious, mouth-watering, fresh cheese curds almost daily!

Artisan Breads

We offer a large selection of delicious, artisanal breads, locally sourced from right here in Ottawa! All our breads are prepared daily with the highest of ingredients.

True Loaf Bread Company

Located in the heart of Ottawa, True Loaf is a family-run bakery, who is passionate and dedicated to baking the finest quality of breads. They have everything from classic baguettes, seed bread, sourdough, ciabatta and more flavorful breads like raisin and chai and blue cheese and apricot.

Boulangerie Francais/The French Baker

Located in the Ottawa’s Byward Market, The French Baker delivers fresh baguettes, French breads and delicious pastries daily, sourced from natural, local ingredients! Their buttery, flaky croissants are voted Ottawa’s Best and are available in our store daily!

Portuguese Bakery

This family owned and operated bakery calls Ottawa its home, with their fresh breads daily, they handcraft everything from French bread to dark round rye breads.

Hanna’s Bakery
We stock white and whole wheat pita bread from Hanna’s Bakery, delivered fresh 3 times a week.

Your Bread Box Sourdough
Premium Sourdough Bread varieties such as Jalapeno & Cheddar, Garlic & Rosemary and Everything Bagel. They also provide us with sourdough soft pretzels. Locally sourced ingredients. Naturally fermented for 72 Hours. https://yourbreadbox.ca/


We receive fresh produce daily and our staff work hard to ensure that our customers get only the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables. We do our best to procure the essentials and more at competitive prices. Whenever possible, we try to stock seasonal Ontario and Quebec produce.

Specialty Grocery

Ennis Maple Syrup

Located in Balderson, ON, Ennis has been a family owned farm since the 1860’s. With their traditional wood fire techniques, they produce delicious 100% pure Canadian maple syrup, available year round in our store!

Heavenly Honey

Made locally in Gloucester, Ontario, Heavenly Honey is a family owned and operated business that produces fresh honey as well as creamed honey, cinnamon honey and bee pollen.

Hummingbird Chocolate

From careful sourcing of quality cacao beans to a deep commitment to the farmers who cultivate the beans, we have great respect for people who make food, from grower to artisan. With much care, we handcraft chocolate from our small workshop in beautiful Almonte, Ontario. Our chocolate is carefully made to bring the perfect balance of flavour, and we hope you can taste it in every bite.

Haico Hot Sauce
Haico grew up in The Netherlands in a very multi-cultural environment. East Indian, Surinam, Indonesian and many others. This helped him to develop a taste for sophisticated spicy food at a young age. Once Haico moved to Canada he tried to find the same level of flavor and heat in the hot sauces and cooking in Canada, but to no avail. Disappointed, Haico decided to take over the world of hot sauce by growing his own peppers and making his own hot sauce.

Rochef Chocolate
Rochef Chocolates are produced in Outaouais region and have been serving gourmet tastes for more than 10 years. Composed of a dynamic and passionate team, the Rochef family gives the utmost to offer an impeccable service as well as the best chocolate!

We start with the idea that, if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, then you should use the best. We work with only the best naturally sourced ingredients from around the world and no artificial flavourings or sweeteners to create mixers that do justice to the world’s finest spirits.


Specialty Coffee

Happy Goat Coffee Company

Located a few blocks from our store, this coffee company roasts high quality coffee beans from small farmers in Africa, Asia, Center and South Americas. They are avid supports of environmental and sustainable development and fair trade practices.

Francesco’s Coffee Company

Located in Ottawa, Francesco’s Coffee offers a full range of fair trade coffees that are freshly roasted with distinct and elegant flavours.

Muskoka Roastery Coffee Company

Coming from Huntsville, Ontario, handcrafted quality, expert blending and roasting and fresh coffee is what to expect from this company!

Cloud Forest Coffee

We import coffee from the Intag, a beautiful valley in the Ecuadorian Andes.  The community we source all of our coffee from, has been struggling against mineral exploration for 20 years. They have created a vision of development that does not include mining.

Their vision includes a healthy environment, safe sources of water, and harmony in their communities. Instead of allowing mining companies to devastate their pristine environment, many are pursuing different methods of economic growth. They have chosen to grow organic coffee, and we have chosen to support them on their quest.

DODJIVI Premium Organic Mushroom Coffee
The biggest difference between Dodjivi’s Premium Healthy Coffee made with Organic Reishi Mushrooms and a regular coffee are all the health benefits you will reap! Some of the not so fun side effects of drinking regular coffee are experiencing crash, rush, jitteriness, headaches… Yaka-Yaka! Who would want that?

The Dodjivi Premium Healthy Coffee made with Organic Reishi Mushrooms blend is an adaptogen and a healthy coffee alternative. The coffee alternative helps you promote energy, stress relief, focus, productivity, immunity boosting so you may feel at your best and meet the busy demands of your daily routine!

Another difference is you don’t need a machine to make your Dodjivi Premium Healthy Coffee, it’s tasty and dissolves instantly. Just add boiling hot water to your Organic Reishi Mushroom Coffee and you can say goodbye to your caffeine crash, rush, jitteriness and say hello to your daily dose of health and well being!


We have a variety of organic and natural products throughout the store as well as everyday items to meet your needs. Don’t see something that you are looking for? You can send us an email at hintonburgmarket@gmail.com with your suggestions and we will do our best to get that product into our store

We have an in-house butcher shop where our expert and friendly butchers carve up a wide variety of fresh meats daily. Our wide varieties of meats include some locally sourced and ethically raised animals. There is a viewing window available so you can see just how our butchers put their skills to the test.